Factors Affecting Special-education Teacher Retention and Attrition in a School District in Virginia by Paulette Cherron Bullock France - 2008 - 144 pages
Factors Affecting Stress Assisted Corrosion Cracking of Carbon Steel Under Industrial Boiler Conditions by Dong Yang - 2008 - 258 pages
Factors Affecting Student Decisions to Withdraw from an Urban California Community College by Terrence John Burgess - 2008 - 295 pages
Factors Affecting Substance Abuse in Adolescent Females in Rural Residential Communities by Susan L. Renes - 2008 - 124 pages
Factors Affecting Success of First-year Hispanic Students Enrolled in a Public Law School by Erik Davin Malmberg - 2008 - 389 pages
Factors Affecting Susceptibility to - and Management of - Postharvest Soft Rot of Sweetpotatoes Caused by Rhizopus Stolonifer by Brooke Aurora Edmunds - 2008 - 197 pages
Factors Affecting Technology Adoption in the Editorial Process of Adult Trade Book Publishing by Rose Ann Ferrick - 2008 - 161 pages
Factors Affecting the Adoption of E-business: An Automotive Industry Study by Percy L. Williams (Jr) - 2008 - 160 pages
Factors Affecting the Adoption of Websites and Online Services by Patricia Lea Beatty - 2008 - 257 pages
Factors Affecting the Catch of Target and Bycatch Species During Pelagic Longline Fishing by Patrick Hays Rice - 2008 - 176 pages
Factors Affecting the Flight Capacity and the Trade-offs Between Flight and Fitness in Choristoneura Conflictana Walker (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae). by Christina Grace Elliott - 2008 - 85 pages
Factors Affecting the Growth of Verbesina Virginica by Jason W. Gagliardi - 2008 - 79 pages
Factors Affecting the Impact of Breast Cancer on Body Image and Sexual Functioning by Shiahna M. Dye - 2008 - 36 pages
Factors Affecting the Incidence and Severity of Phytophthora Syringae Cankers in Pear (Pyrus Communis) Trees by Srisangwan Laywisadkul - 2008 - 133 pages
Factors Affecting the Level of Technology Implementation by Teachers in Elementary Schools by Jason Dan Brunk - 2008 - 190 pages
Factors Affecting the Performance of Brick Veneer Construction by Jocelyn Erin Dickie - 2008 - 167 pages
Factors Affecting the Retention, Persistence, and Degree Attainment of Immigrant Students at Public Four-year Higher Education Institutions by Kevin B. Murphy - 2008 - 212 pages
Factors Affecting the Salary of Agricultural Economics Professionals by Arbaiya L. Abdula - 2008 - 101 pages
Factors Affecting the Security Awareness of End-users: A Survey Analysis Within Institutions of Higher Learning by Lonnie G. Decker - 2008 - 110 pages
Factors Affecting the Transfer of Differentiated Curriculum from Professional Development Into Classroom Practice by Misook A. Park - 2008 - 164 pages
Factors Affecting the Use, Misuse and Disuse of In-vehicle Navigation Systems for Wayfinding by Andrew Varden - 2008 - 99 pages
Factors Affecting Turtle Nest Predation Dynamics in Point Pelee National Park of Canada by Julia Phillips - 2008 - 68 pages
Factors Affecting Upper Mobility of Women Administrators to the Superintendency by Juan Lopez - 2008 - 112 pages
Factors Affecting Women's Learning in a Quilting Workshop by Pamela Joyce Tracz - 2008 - 114 pages
Factors and Processes that Impact Use of Utah Community/state College Contract Training: A Mixed Methods Study by Debra Lee Bryant - 2008 - 253 pages
Factors Associated with a Lurch Gait Pattern Among Patients Awaiting Hip Arthroplasty by Kyle A. R. Kemp - 2008 - 126 pages
Factors Associated with Attitudes Toward Learning in an Online Environment: Transactional Distance, Technical Efficacy, and Physical Surroundings by Jodi Elizabeth Pettazzoni - 2008 - 114 pages
Factors Associated with Condom Use Among African-American Women in Harris County, Texas: Cross-sectional Study by Angela Branch-Vital, Angela Branch-Vital, M.A., B.S. - 2008 - 126 pages
Factors Associated with Diabetes in Tuberculosis Patients in Harris County, Texas 1995--2004 by Jude Kofi Atta Des Bordes - 2008 - 50 pages
Factors Associated with Engagement in Political Consumption by Emmanuel Kwasi Adugu - 2008 - 240 pages
Factors Associated with Forgiveness in Intimate Relationships and the Impact of Hope-focused Marriage Therapy by Cynthia R. Leon - 2008 - 121 pages
Factors Associated with Hospital Admission of Elder Cardiovascular Patients in an Emergency Center by Shyam Mohan Reddy Teegala - 2008 - 59 pages
Factors Associated with Immunization Non-compliance Leading to Suspension from School: A Retrospective Study by Olabambo O. Olawoye Ogundimu - 2008 - 130 pages
Factors Associated with Iron Status in a Hutterite Population by Jane M. Osowski - 2008 - 121 pages
Factors Associated with Long-term-care Facility Residence of Patients with Alzheimer's Disease from Alzheimer's Disease Research Centers of California by Han Wang - 2008 - 32 pages
Factors Associated with Mammography Utilization in Sao Paulo and Mexico City Elderly Females by Celia Katrine Naivar - 2008 - 52 pages
Factors Associated with Older Adult Volunteers' Organizational Withdrawal: Testing a Model of Volunteer Behavior by Amy Cohen-Callow - 2008 - 215 pages
Factors Associated with Post-stroke Depressive Symptoms and Quality of Life by Elizabeth A. Johnson - 2008 - 256 pages
Factors Associated with Public School Chronic Absenteeism by Roger Herbert Antworth - 2008 - 167 pages
Factors Associated with Purchase of Long-term Care Insurance by Erin Holve - 2008 - 112 pages
Factors Associated with Rural Mexican American Gang Activity by Sylvia J. Acosta - 2008 - 57 pages
Factors Associated with Self-reported Arthritis 7 to 24 Years After a Traumatic Brain Injury: An Exploratory Study by Sharon Ocampo - 2008 - 104 pages
Factors Associated with Sexually Transmitted Infections Including the Human Immunodeficiency Virus Among Sex Workers in Moscow, Russian Federation and Israel by Rachel A. Weber - 2008 - 131 pages
Factors Associated with Stability and Change in Offending Among School Enrolled Adolescents and Their Transitions Into Emerging Adulthood by Anna Hyun - 2008 - 250 pages
Factors Associated with Subsequent Pregnancy in HIV-infected Women and HIV-negative Women: Experience from Urban Zimbabwe by Nancy L. Smee - 2008 - 159 pages
Factors Associated with Successful Hispanic Students in Higher Education by Ana G. Linares - 2008 - 137 pages
Factors Associated with the Dismissal of Young Children (birth Through Five) from Child Care Programs by Enrica Omoyele Hampton - 2008 - 124 pages
Factors Associated with the Experiences of Parents in the Transitioning of Their Young Children from Early Intervention to Programs for Three-year-olds by Yanhui Pang - 2008 - 92 pages
Factors Associated with the Frequency of Condom Use and Sexual Health Practices Within the "friends-with-benefits" Relationship by Heather Patterson - 2008 - 102 pages
Factors Associated with the Perception of the Ideal Age of Retirement by Guido Paolano - 2008 - 71 pages
Factors Associated with the Relinquishment of Domestic Canines to Animal Shelters by Barry L. Adkins - 2008 - 420 pages
Factors at Play on Declining Health Insurance Coverage by Amanda Lynn Alexander - 2008 - 47 pages
Factors Contributing to High School Principal Attrition by Cartha T. Tennille - 2008 - 156 pages
Factors Contributing to Nurses' Dissatisfaction with Recognition Initiatives by Jessica L. Ester - 2008 - 78 pages
Factors Contributing to Stress in Business/marketing Educators Resulting from Administration, School Climate, and Resources by Bonita Morgan Johnson - 2008 - 117 pages
Factors Contributing to the High Performance of an Urban High School by Talin Pushian Kargodorian - 2008 - 170 pages
Factors Contributing to the Successful Transition of Preschoolers with and Without Developmental Delay Into School by Vicki Alana Lopes - 2008 - 176 pages
Factors Contributing to the Use Or Non-use of Computer Technology in a Technology-rich Environment in an Arkansas School by Connie Lynn Elrod - 2008 - 114 pages
Factors Contributing to Transforming School Culture: A Case Study of the Advancement Via Individual Determination Program by Rosalyn Varee - 2008 - 159 pages
Factors controlling bursting in Mes V neurons by Mike E. Wygant - 2008 - 104 pages
Factors Correlating with Teachers' Use of Computers in the Classroom by Samia A. Wahab - 2008
Factors Defining the Relationship Between Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance and Corporate Governance with Respect to Firm Performance by Jack Samir Nasser - 2008 - 183 pages
Factors Defining the Relationships Between Safety Management Strategies and Safety Performance by Jon Kevin Loebbaka - 2008 - 218 pages
Factors Impacting Korean-American Families who are Raising a Child with Hearing Loss by Joo Young Hong - 2008 - 105 pages
Factors Impacting Student Retention on the Regional Campuses and Centers of Ohio University by Leigh A. Atkinson - 2008 - 174 pages
Factors Impacting the Effectiveness of Pennsylvania's Educational Assistance Program (EAP) for Eighth Grade Students as Determined by Increased Reading Proficiency on the Pennsylvania State System of Assessment (PSSA). by Regina Clare Speaker Palubinsky - 2008 - 115 pages
Factors Important for the Establishment and Maintenance of HIV-1 Latency in CD4 T Cells by Paula Campos Soto - 2008 - 98 pages
Factors in Two-dimensional Maze Navigation by Pigeons by Michelle Hernandez - 2008 - 102 pages
Factors Including Student Engagement Impacting Student Achievement in a High Performing Urban High School District: A Case Study by Katherine Frazier - 2008 - 216 pages
Factors Influencing Accountability Systems: A Problem Based Analysis of the Implementation of No Child Left Behind by Darcy G. Benway, Jamie Jordan, Sandra E. Rosell - 2008 - 199 pages
Factors Influencing Adjunct Faculty Participation in Online Instruction at a Midwestern University by Lorelei Schroeder - 2008 - 173 pages
Factors Influencing Attendance for a Leadership Team in a School District by Sari M. Pascoe - 2008 - 240 pages
Factors Influencing Big 12 Conference College Basketball Male Student-athletes' Selection of a University by Chris Croft - 2008 - 148 pages
Factors Influencing Black Students in Windsor and Their Pursuit of Post Secondary Education by Marium Tolson-Murtty - 2008 - 150 pages
Factors Influencing Client Retention in Methadone Maintenance Treatment Clinics in China by Enwu Liu - 2008 - 173 pages
Factors Influencing Condom Use Among Thai Adolescents by Natawan Khumsaen - 2008 - 335 pages
Factors Influencing Consumers' Trust Perceptions of Online Product Reviews: A Study of the Tourism and Hospitality Online Product Review Systems by Pradeep Racherla - 2008 - 204 pages
Factors Influencing Demand in Major League Baseball: Steroid Policy, Discrimination, and Uncertainty of Outcome by Scott A. Tainsky - 2008 - 114 pages
Factors Influencing English Language Faculty Members' Adoption and Integration of Web-Based Instruction (WBI) in Saudi Arabia by Sulaiman A. Alnujaidi - 2008 - 181 pages
Factors Influencing Field Performance: Utilizing the Drug Evaluation and Classification (DEC) Program to Identify Suspected Impaired Drivers as Reported by Selected Certified Police Officers in Texas by Melissa Noggle Walden - 2008 - 312 pages
Factors Influencing Gay Men's Anti-feminine Prejudice by Richard O. Rivera - 2008 - 81 pages
Factors Influencing Gifted Students' Preferences for Models of Teaching by Georgianna Ravenna - 2008 - 185 pages
Factors Influencing Horizontal Cracking in Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavements (CRCP). by Elias K. Sudoi - 2008 - 136 pages
Factors Influencing how Asian American Adolescents Make Decisions to Smoke and Not to Smoke by Maria G. Rosario-Sim - 2008 - 326 pages
Factors Influencing Individual Readiness for Change in a Health Care Environment by Robin D. Wittenstein - 2008 - 221 pages
Factors Influencing Infant Immunization Rates in Utah, Use of Claims Data, and Implications for Public Health Practice by Audrey M. Stevenson - 2008 - 77 pages
Factors Influencing Japanese Tourism to Hawaii: A Macroeconomic Analysis (1980--2006). by Larson S. W. M. Ng - 2008 - 102 pages
Factors Influencing Juror Sentencing Decisions by Nichole Force - 2008
Factors Influencing Latino/Hispanic Caregivers' Perception of the Experience of Caring for a Relative with Alzheimer's Disease by Lyda Consuelo Arevalo-Flechas - 2008 - 214 pages
Factors Influencing Males to Teach at the Elementary Level: An Interview-based Exploration of the Thoughts and Rationale for Their Career Choice by Daniel J. Carter - 2008 - 140 pages
Factors Influencing Nurse Anesthetists' Decision to Practice in Rural Areas by Cheri Lynn Coleman - 2008 - 53 pages
Factors Influencing Participant Motivation and Engagement in the Michigan Youth Farm Stand Project by Ashley Anne Brander - 2008 - 128 pages
Factors Influencing Participation in Global Online Communities of Practice by Donna Michelle Hendrix - 2008 - 229 pages
Factors Influencing Physician Management of Nonspecific Low Back Pain by Shira Schecter Weiner - 2008 - 186 pages
Factors Influencing Racial Disparities in Traffic Enforcement in Massachusetts by Jack McDevitt - 2008 - 119 pages
Factors Influencing Recruitment and Retention Within the Los Angeles School Police Department by Timothy J. Anderson - 2008 - 164 pages
Factors Influencing Residents' Attitudes Toward Tourism Marketing as a Development Strategy by Jeamok Kwon - 2008 - 177 pages
Factors Influencing Retention of Non-traditional Undergraduate Students and Effective Retention Strategies by Jannette Porta-Avalos - 2008 - 155 pages
Factors Influencing Student Achievement in Advanced Placement and Honors Courses by Bridgett B. Henry - 2008 - 162 pages
Factors Influencing Survival of Bovine Spermatozoa During Storage and Related to the Ratio of X- to Y-chromosome Bearing Spermatozoa by Pedro Angel Delgado Callisaya - 2008 - 56 pages
Factors Influencing Teachers' Differentiated Curriculum and Instructional Choices and Gifted and Non-gifted Students' Self-perceptions by Dena M. Sellers - 2008 - 188 pages
Factors Influencing the Breastfeeding Experience in the Montgomery County WIC Program by Lisa Greathouse - 2008 - 96 pages
Factors Influencing the Identity of Chinese English Language Learners: A Case Study of Chinese High School Students in the American Southwest by Xun Zhao - 2008 - 339 pages
Factors Influencing the Infection of Cultivated Grape (Vitis Spp. Section Euvitis) Shoot Tissue by Guignardia Bidwellii (Ellis) Viala & Ravaz by Philip Robert Northover - 2008 - 288 pages
Factors Influencing the Mortality and Distribution of Subadult Red Drum in North Carolina by Nathan Mitchell Bacheler - 2008 - 200 pages
Factors Influencing the Postcollege Earnings of Iowa Community College Career and Technical Education Students from Three Career Clusters by Jonathan I. Compton - 2008 - 166 pages
Factors Influencing the Presence of a Native and an Invading Macroinvertebrate Zooplanktivore in Canadian Shield Lakes by Erika Weisz - 2008 - 155 pages
Factors Influencing the Provision of Autonomy-support by Aidyn L. Iachini - 2008 - 197 pages
Factors Influencing the Use of Bioaccessibility in Human Health Risk Assessments by Megan Lord-Hoyle - 2008 - 146 pages
Factors Influencing the Utilization of Health-related Web Sites in an Older Population by Irmgard M. Oberhummer - 2008 - 160 pages
Factors Influencing Topotecan CNS Penetration in Mouse Models by Jun Shen - 2008 - 118 pages
Factors Influencing Women to Leave Division II College Coaching by Krista E. Gray - 2008 - 55 pages
Factors Leading to Adultery in the Military Population by Jarvis S. Brinson - 2008 - 59 pages
Factors Leading to High Recidivism Rates Among Juvenile Delinquents at Three Correctional Facilities in New York City by Zulma Ortiz-Schumeyer - 2008 - 96 pages
Factors Leading to Job Satisfaction Among the United States Air Force Squadron Recruiters by Soranun Booppanon - 2008 - 101 pages
Factors Motivating Long-term Care Workers to Enter the "Growing Our Own" Two-year Nursing Program by Mark A. Dickerson - 2008 - 96 pages
Factors Predicting Academic Success for Impoverished Urban High School Freshmen by Jonathan W. Rysewyk - 2008 - 99 pages
Factors Predicting Case Formulation Proficiency in Traumatic Brain Injury: Experience and Knowledge by Susan A. Huffaker - 2008 - 142 pages
Factors Predicting Participants' Use of Cardiac Rehabilitation Programs in St. John's Newfoundland by Blayre Martin - 2008 - 118 pages
Factors Predicting Resiliency in Maltreated Children by Holly Shea Mann - 2008 - 44 pages
Factors Predictive of Cigarette Smoking Among College Female Students by Doris L. Thompson - 2008 - 129 pages
Factors Promoting Or Hindering the Academic Adjustment of Chinese Visiting Scholars in an American University by Ran Zhao - 2008 - 208 pages
Factors Promoting the Evolution of Sexually Dimorphic Traits and Their Consequences on Lineage Diversification in Phyllophaga Beetles (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae). by Maxi Polihronakis - 2008 - 140 pages
Factors Related to Attrition: A Study of One Midwestern University Special Education Program's Graduates by Raschelle Theoharis - 2008 - 170 pages
Factors Related to Caregivers' Disclosure of the Diagnosis to HIV Infected Children by Judith Aiges - 2008 - 155 pages
Factors Related to Long-term Adherence to Regular Exercise in Older Women Post Hip Fracture by Tinagene Pia L. Inguito - 2008 - 235 pages
Factors Related to Nonacademic Adjustment of Freshmen Students by Nykela Horne Jackson - 2008 - 91 pages
Factors Related to Parental School Involvement of African American Parents of Students with Above Average Academic Achievement: A Qualitative Case Study by Raymond D. Petty - 2008 - 132 pages
Factors Related to Psychologists' Participation in Professional Advocacy by Hilary C. Kindsfater - 2008 - 106 pages
Factors Related to Success and Participants' Psychological Ownership in Collaborative Wildlife Management: A Survey of Sage-grouse Local Working Groups by Lorien R. Belton - 2008 - 160 pages
Factors Related to the Outcomes of a Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Program for Women by Wendy M. Blevins - 2008 - 119 pages
Factors Related to the Rejection And/or Abandonment of AAC Devices by Alla A. Johnson - 2008 - 58 pages
Factors Relating to the Success Or Failure of College Algebra Internet Students: A Grounded Theory Study by Christine Walker - 2008 - 258 pages
Factors that Affect Alumni Loyalty at a Public University by Cecelia D. Lawley - 2008 - 113 pages
Factors that Affect an Athlete's Decision to Participate in One Or Multiple High School Sports by Matthew Hanson - 2008 - 69 pages
Factors that Affect College Students' Attitude Toward Mathematics by Erin N. Goodykoontz - 2008 - 166 pages
Factors that Affect Job Satisfaction Among Teachers in Two Selected Milwaukee Charter Schools by Lisa A. Qualls - 2008 - 87 pages
Factors that Affect Retention of Hispanic Students in Business Higher Education by Kristen M. Maceli - 2008 - 113 pages
Factors that Affect Social Hierarchy and the Influence of Social Rank and Menstrual Cycle of Cocaine Self-administration in Female Cynomolgus Monkeys by Natallia Vashchonak Riddick - 2008 - 171 pages
Factors that Affect the Existence and Characteristics of Separating Bayesian Equilibrium by Le Tran Pham - 2008 - 115 pages
Factors that are Associated with Students' Standardized Reading Achievement Scores by Cherie Nichole Mothershead - 2008 - 114 pages
Factors that Contribute to a Successful Secondary Vocational Education Program in the State of Mississippi by Erin Leigh Parker - 2008 - 142 pages
Factors that Contribute to Successful Sojourner Adjustment Related to Working and Living in Another Culture by Jon Bryn Gabriel - 2008 - 206 pages
Factors that Contribute to the Effectiveness of Online Learning Technology at Oregon State University by Ghadeer Zainuddin Filimban - 2008 - 401 pages
Factors that Contribute to the Engagement of African American Students at a Catholic University by Karen Mallory Waters - 2008 - 145 pages
Factors that Contribute to the Involvement of Noncoresidential Adolescent Fathers and Their Children by Paul Gerard Hufnagel - 2008 - 106 pages
Factors that Correlate with Employment and Earnings for People who are Blind in Alabama by J. Michael Jones - 2008 - 147 pages
Factors that Enhance Customer Trust in E-commerce Web Sites: An Examination of E-commerce Success Metrics Using Internet Audience Rating by Koshy V. Joseph-Vaidyan - 2008 - 216 pages
Factors that Facilitate Or Impede Colorectal Cancer Screening in Women from Ontario: A Representative Regional Study by Sarah Brennenstuhl - 2008 - 92 pages
Factors that Increase Or Decrease Utilization of Cancer Preventive Care Among California's Female Vietnamese Population by Tep Thoeurb - 2008 - 70 pages
Factors that Influence Achievement and Self-efficacy in Developmental University Students by Caroline Seefchak - 2008 - 140 pages
Factors that Influence Burnout in Family Service Workers in Non-metropolitan Areas by Gloria J. Davis - 2008 - 130 pages
Factors that Influence Contraceptive Decision-making in African American Women, an Intergenerational Perspective by Allyssa L. Harris - 2008 - 128 pages
Factors that Influence Disclosure and Program Participation Among Pregnant HIV-positive Women: A Mixed Methods Study in Lilongwe, Malawi by Emily Anton Bobrow - 2008 - 204 pages
Factors that influence implementation of public-private conservation grant programs by Warren David Clutter - 2008 - 113 pages
Factors that Influence Pre-service Teachers' Technology Integration Performance by Serkan Perkmen - 2008 - 109 pages
Factors that Influence Resilience Among Older Californians in the Context of Terrorism by Amy R. Leeman - 2008 - 112 pages
Factors that Influence Risk Behavior in HIV Infected Women Receiving Antiretroviral Therapy in Kampala and Masaka, Uganda by Ellen W. MacLachlan - 2008 - 176 pages
Factors that Influence Rural African American Males' Aspirations to Attend College by Alesia K. Stuart - 2008 - 135 pages
Factors that Influence Technology Use During Instructional Time by R. L. Pac - 2008 - 175 pages
Factors that Influence the Accuracy of Behavioural Linkage Analysis in Cases of Serial Sexual Assault, Homicide, and Burglary by Tamara Melnyk - 2008 - 141 pages
Factors that Influence the Association Between Adult Attachment and Marital Satisfaction by Daniel LeRoy Hatch - 2008 - 169 pages
Factors that Influence the Cultural Competence of Nurse Practitioner Students by Veronica Wilbur - 2008 - 170 pages
Factors that Influence the Distribution of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria in the Mud River, West Virginia by Timothy Shaun Dotson - 2008 - 174 pages
Factors that Influence the Lock-in of Flow Instabilities with Structural-acoustic Systems by Kristin Lai-Fook Cody - 2008 - 219 pages
Factors that Influence the Underrepresentation of Latinos as Superintendents by Alberto J. Roman - 2008 - 181 pages
Factors that Influence the Utilization of Distillers Dried Grains with Solubles (DDGS) in Broiler Diets by Zurong Wang - 2008 - 138 pages
Factors that Influence Women's Dispositions Toward Science by Catherine Graczyk Atria - 2008 - 56 pages
Factors that Influence: Case Manager Resource Allocation Decision-making in Home Care by Kimberly Diane Fraser - 2008 - 225 pages
Factors that May Influence the Morale of Faculty at 2-year Colleges and Hinder the Institution's Progression by Brenda A. Washington - 2008 - 194 pages
Factors that Modulate the Autoregulation and Activity of OrB, the CPEB Protein in Drosophila Melanogaster by Li Chin Wong - 2008 - 282 pages
Factors that Motivate and Influence Individuals to Remain CASA Volunteers by Madalyn Turner Barker - 2008 - 75 pages
Factors that Motivate Faculty in Christian Postsecondary Institutions to Adapt Their Behavior and Pedagogy to Become More Culturally Competent by Deborah L. Taylor - 2008 - 247 pages
Factors that Predict Attitudes Toward Arabs: Personality, Religiosity, Level of Perceived Threat and Level of Media Exposure by Nelly Nassar - 2008 - 109 pages
Factors that Predict the Use of Metacognitive Strategies in the Middle School Classroom by Amy Myers - 2008 - 360 pages
Factors which Influence Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Nurses to Leave Their Jobs by Dorothy C. Foglia - 2008 - 259 pages
Factors which May Contribute to Academic Achievement in an Outperforming Urban High School with a Career Technical Education Curriculum by Anne Elizabeth Kershner - 2008 - 257 pages
Factorwise Rigidity Involving Hereditarily Indecomposable Spaces by Kevin B. Gammon - 2008 - 60 pages
FacturaPlus Élite avanzado by Sage-sp , - 2008 - 372 pages
Facultad de Derecho: Su Recinto, Su Arquitectura by Sara Topelson de Grinberg - 2008 - 7 pages
Facultad organica: Canción y Cantos llanos nos. 65-69 by Francisco Corrêa de Araujo - 2008
Facultad organica: Tientos nos. 15-23 by Francisco Corrêa de Araujo - 2008
Facultad organica: Tientos nos. 41-48 by Francisco Corrêa de Araujo - 2008
Facultad organica: Tientos nos. 8-14 by Francisco Corrêa de Araujo - 2008
Facultat de Farmàcia: avatars d'un projecte universitari, La by María Dolores Gaspar García - 2008 - 102 pages
Facultative Group Living in the Western Black Widow Spider, Latrodectus Hesperus: An Evolutionary Approach by Maxence F. Salomon - 2008 - 212 pages
Faculty and Student Experiences with Clickers: A Qualitative Exploration of Engaging Students in Higher Level Thinking by Jennifer Ann Diers - 2008 - 106 pages
Faculty and Student Out-of-classroom Interaction: Student Perceptions of Quality of Interaction by Rosalind Veronica Alderman - 2008 - 129 pages
Faculty and the Engaged Institution: Toward Understanding Motivators and Deterrents for Fostering Engagement by Amy Maria Wade - 2008 - 175 pages
Faculty Approaches to Improving Teaching: A Mixed Methods Case Study by Jeremy D. Penn - 2008 - 422 pages
Faculty Beliefs, Level of Understanding, and Reported Actions Regarding Academic Integrity by Brett A. Carter - 2008 - 208 pages
Faculty Communication on Teaching and Learning: Building a Learning-centred College by Rhys Craig Andrews - 2008 - 131 pages
Faculty Communication Through Interactive Technology by Stephanie A. Africano - 2008 - 70 pages
Faculty Development Activities for New Adjunct Faculty: A Qualitative Investigation of which Types of Activities Most Benefit New Adjunct Faculty at Four-year Colleges and Universities by Helen Bojarczyk - 2008 - 234 pages
Faculty Experiences Working with Impaired Counseling Students: A Grounded Theory by Jennifer E. Capps - 2008 - 196 pages
Faculty Members' Attitudes and Concerns about Communicative Language Teaching Implementation in General English Courses in Taiwan Universities by Yiru Elsa Pan - 2008 - 282 pages
Faculty Mentoring Program to Incorporate New Technology Into College Courses: Statewide Findings by Rachel A. Boulay - 2008 - 201 pages
Faculty Perceptions about Instructional Technology in Eight Community Colleges in the Tennessee Board of Regents Higher Education System by Nicole Cardwell-Hampton - 2008 - 114 pages
Faculty Perceptions and Experiences with Taiwanese Graduate Students at a University in the United States: Implications for Cross-cultural Teaching and Learning by Fangyi Lin - 2008 - 228 pages
Faculty Perceptions and Utilization of a Learning Management System in Higher Education by Chinhong Lim Chang - 2008 - 302 pages
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