A "broad-based and Angry Network": Opposing Surveillance and Security Measures Post-9/11 by Jennifer Parisi - 2008 - 147 pages
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A "prágai tavasz" titkos története by Miklós Kun - 2008 - 430 pages
A (des)construcao do povo: Romance experimental e representacao do popular na literatura brasileira do seculo XX. by Alfredo Cesar Barbosa de Melo - 2008 - 207 pages
A - J by Zentralbibliothek Zürich - 2008 - 416 pages
A 0.5 V Bulk-input OTA with Improved Common-mode Feedback for Low-frequency Filtering Applications by Michael Trakimas - 2008 - 83 pages
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A 10-year Study of Sleep Quality and Health in Older Women by Cynthia Holden Phelan - 2008 - 135 pages
A 1000, o, La vida muerta by Héctor Hernández Montecinos - 2008 - 97 pages
A 12-month, Prospective, Randomized, Single Center, Open Label Pilot Study to Evaluate the Safety and Efficacy of Myfortic in Combination with Tacrolimus and Thymoglobulin in Early Corticosteroid Withdrawal by Nicole A. Weimert - 2008 - 54 pages
A 17-year Assessment of Changes in Biomass in the South of Chile, Using Landsat Satellite Images by Fredy A. Bernales - 2008 - 109 pages
A 1V 2.5GS/s 8-bit Self-calibrated Flash ADC in 90nm GP CMOS. by Hairong Yu - 2008 - 140 pages
A 4-year Longitudinal Study Examining the Relation Between Deviant Peer Process, Antisociality and Gender by Marc Shiffman, University of Guelph. Dept. of Psychology - 2008 - 38 pages
A 4PAM/2PAM Coaxial Cable Driver Targeting 40Gb/s in 0.13mum CMOS. by Horace Cheng - 2008 - 118 pages
A 6-degree-of-freedom Testbed for Small Model Helicopters Control Evaluation by Jun Zhao - 2008 - 126 pages
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A 77GHz Monolithic IMPATT Transmitter in Standard CMOS Technology by Talal Al-Attar - 2008 - 208 pages
A 8.1 osi MHC haplotipus: Ketelu kard by Judit Laki - 2008 - 79 pages
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A : akcent - 2008
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A an Action Plan for the New Castle County Vocational Technical School District to Improve Teachers' Integration of Technology Into the Classroom by Monica D. T. Rysavy - 2008 - 111 pages
A Arte de Enfermeiro. Escola de Enfermagem Ângelo da Fonseca by Ana Isabel Silva - 2008 - 511 pages
A arte de entrevistar bem by Thaís Oyama - 2008 - 112 pages
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A Baby's First Address Book by Lisa R. Hayslette - 2008 - 52 pages
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A Bahia de Jorge Amado by Jacques Salah - 2008 - 310 pages
A Balanced Life by Tom Smith - 2008 - 121 pages
A Balancing Act: Reconciling Organizational Change with a Tradition of Uniqueness in Countercultural Liberal Arts Colleges by Paul David Prewitt-Freilino - 2008 - 286 pages
A Balancing Act: The Cultural Choices and Processes of Cross-cultural Mothering by Maria Josefa Yax-Fraser - 2008 - 185 pages
A Balancing Act: The Cultural Choices and Processes of Cross-cultural Mothering by María Josefa Yax-Fraser - 2008 - 185 pages
A Baseband Mixed-signal Receiver Front-end for 1Gbps Wireless Communications at 60GHz by David Amory Sobel - 2008 - 180 pages
A Baseline Exploratory Study of Marriage and Family Therapists Perceived Preparedness to Work in the Disaster Mental Health Field by Lyda E. Fincham - 2008 - 82 pages
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A Bayesian Approach to Beamforming for Uncertain Direction-of-arrival by Chunwei Jethro Lam - 2008 - 191 pages
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A Bayesian-Estimated Model of InflationTargeting in South Africa (EPub) by Thomas Harjes, Luca Antonio Ricci - 2008 - 24 pages
A Beautiful Class, an Irresistible Democracy by Abel Ricardo Lopez - 2008 - 334 pages
A Beautiful Life 1 by Subramaniam Shubha - 2008
A Beautiful Life 3 by Subramaniam Shubha - 2008
A Beautiful Life 5 by Longman - 2008
A Beautiful Life 8 by Balasubramanian G. - 2008
A Beginners Path To Moot Court by Aggarwal Prof. Nomita & Mukesh Anand - 2008 - 126 pages
A Behavior-based Methodology for Evaluating Pedestrian-vehicle Interaction at Crosswalks by Bastian Jonathan Schroeder - 2008 - 332 pages
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A Behavioral Study of Attention Regulation in Preschool Children who Stutter by Kia Noelle Johnson - 2008 - 65 pages
A Behaviour-based Hierarchical Communication Strategy for Multi-robot Systems by Zhengzheng Wan - 2008 - 142 pages
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A Bibliography of the English Language from the Invention of Printing to the Year 1800 - 2008
A Bibliography of the English Language from the Invention of Printing to the Year 1800 - 2008
A Bibliography of the English Language from the Invention of Printing to the Year 1800 - 2008
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A borboleta na gaiola by Luís Filipe da Costa Pires, Luís Filipe Costa - 2008 - 114 pages
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A Capability-based Approach to Defining Performance Characteristics of the Built Environment by Ferdinand Lewis - 2008 - 253 pages
A Capacitance Sensor for Pipeline Flows of Oil-water Mixtures by M. M. A. Sayeed Rushd - 2008 - 111 pages
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A cara da gente by Baptista-Bastos - 2008 - 233 pages
A Carbon and Nitrogen Isotopic Analysis of Pleistocene Food Webs in North America: Implications for Paleoecology and Extinction by Christine Ann Missell France - 2008 - 179 pages
A Career as a Structural Engineer - 2008 - 19 pages
A Career in Show Business - 2008 - 19 pages
A Career Intervention for Adolescents with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders by Kristen Victoria Yanchak - 2008 - 75 pages
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A Carnival of Muscle by Matthew Philip Andrews - 2008 - 339 pages
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A casa do esquecimento by Fernando Dinis - 2008 - 210 pages
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A casa na praia by Anita Shreve - 2008 - 270 pages
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A Case Series: The Effect of Exposure, Relaxation, & Rescripting Therapy for Children (ERRT-C). by Shantel N. Fernandez - 2008 - 258 pages
A Case Study Analysis of a Home Visitation Program for Incoming High School Freshmen by Lynne Whitworth Ekdale - 2008 - 258 pages
A Case Study Approach to Professional Development in Physical Therapy by Russell B. Stowers - 2008 - 199 pages
A Case Study Comparison of Charter and Traditional Schools in New Orleans Recovery School District: Selection Criteria and Service Provision for Students with Disabilities by Nikki L. Wolf - 2008 - 137 pages
A Case Study Examination: Developing a Retail Store Renovation Design According to the LEED Rating System by Heather McKinley - 2008 - 62 pages
A Case Study Examining Teachers' Beliefs Toward In-grade Retention in a K--2 School by Charles Edward Smith - 2008 - 132 pages
A Case Study Examining the Collaboration Between General Education and Special Education Teachers in Inclusive Classrooms by Tina Atkins - 2008 - 132 pages
A Case Study Examining the Impact of Treatment for Substance Dependency on Symptoms of Mental Illness in Adolescents by Lisa M. Luciano - 2008 - 165 pages
A Case Study Examining the Relationship of the Path-goal Theory Leadership Styles to Profits in El Paso, Texas, Rent-A-Center Stores by Domingo Negron - 2008 - 88 pages
A Case Study Exploring Succession Planning: Supported by a Quantitative Analysis of Governmental Organizations in the Kingdom of Bahrain by Abdulla Rashed Mandi - 2008 - 340 pages
A Case Study for Assessing the Hydrologic Impacts of Climate Change at the Watershed Scale by Martinus Hubertus Brouwers - 2008 - 131 pages
A Case Study Investigation of Student Perceptions of Learning in a Redesigned Research University Classroom Environment by Thomas Lacinski - 2008 - 168 pages
A Case Study of a County-managed Day Reporting Center (DRC). by Kimberly M. Eaton - 2008 - 408 pages
A Case Study of a First-grade Boy's Writing Flow by Penny Hill Bowles - 2008 - 330 pages
A Case Study of a Future Search Conference and the Ripple Effect on Organization Learning and Development by Burton Reynolds - 2008 - 258 pages
A Case Study of a Middle School Teacher-student Mentoring Program by Jennifer Smith Johnson - 2008 - 125 pages
A Case Study of a Midwestern Urban High School's Intervention Strategy to Improve Student Proficiency in Mathematics by Thomas John Schnoebelen - 2008 - 152 pages
A Case Study of a Migrant School Responses to the Needs of Transient Students by Tobias E. Ekeze - 2008 - 249 pages
A Case Study of a Rural Iowa School Preparing to Meet New State Guidelines for School Libraries by Karla Steege Krueger - 2008 - 280 pages
A Case Study of a Secondary Mathematics Teacher's Understanding of Exponential Function: An Emerging Theoretical Framework by April Dawn Strom - 2008 - 341 pages
A Case Study of a Secondary-post Secondary Partnership by Kelly Marlene Knister - 2008 - 161 pages
A Case Study of a Summer Music Camp and the Impact of Participation on Perceptions of the College of Music and the Hosting University by Chris Hampton - 2008 - 187 pages
A Case Study of an Academy to Determine Whether Or Not it is a Smaller Learning Community and to Identify the Policies of the School and School District that Sustain it by Helane Smith Miller - 2008 - 175 pages
A Case Study of an Effective Elementary Principal by Ken Schofield - 2008 - 162 pages
A Case Study of an Elementary Science Teacher's Efforts to Transform Students' Scientific Communication from "informal Science Talk" to "formal Science Talk". by La Vergne Lestermeringolo Thatch - 2008 - 156 pages
A Case Study of an Experienced Teacher's Beliefs and Practice During Implementation of an Inquiry-based Approach in Her Elementary Science Classroom by Anita Marie Benna Martin - 2008 - 228 pages
A Case Study of an Outperforming Urban High School: The Relational Pattern Between Student Engagement and Student Achievement in a Magnet High School in Los Angeles by Julio Cesar Fonseca - 2008 - 165 pages
A Case Study of Beliefs and Culturally Relevant Practices of Four Kindergarten Teachers and ESL Reading Achievement by Elizabeth Taylor Walden - 2008 - 119 pages
A Case Study of Best Practices in Student Affairs at a Maryland Champion College by Monica R. M. Brown - 2008 - 236 pages
A Case Study of Burnout Experiences of Faculty who Teach Online Graduate Courses by Lavonnie Perry Claybon - 2008 - 282 pages
A Case Study of Collaboration: Perspectives of School Leaders, Teachers, Parents, and Community Members in One Urban Elementary School by Elizabeth Clarice Triplett - 2008 - 185 pages
A Case Study of College Student Political Involvement by Katherine R. Bryant Wilson - 2008 - 120 pages
A Case Study of Comprehensive Schoolwide Improvement at a High Needs Elementary School by Julie Ann Ashworth - 2008 - 189 pages
A Case Study of Congregational Design and Implementation of Adult Christian Education by Carol F. Krau - 2008 - 153 pages
A Case Study of Cost, Mortality, and Quality of Life Outcomes of Inappropriate and Appropriate Admissions to a Medical Intensive Care Unit by Nneka Obiajulu Mokwunye - 2008 - 219 pages
A Case Study of Critical Thinking Activities Used in the School of Education at a Community College by Jaclyn D. Finkel - 2008 - 178 pages
A Case Study of Effective Staff Development Practices in a Small Pennsylvania Junior-senior High School with Inclusive Practices by Susan M. Sibert - 2008 - 249 pages
A Case Study of Factors Related to a High Performing Urban Charter High School: Investigating Student Engagement and Its Impact on Student Achievement by Kelley Jennifer Mayr - 2008 - 191 pages
A Case Study of Faculty Perceptions of Information Literacy and Its Integration Into the Curriculum by Monty L. McAdoo - 2008 - 256 pages
A Case Study of Foreign-born Hispanic Students in Community College by Pierre R. D. Laguerre - 2008 - 116 pages
A Case Study of Incarcerated Males Participating in a Canine Training Program by Nikki S. Currie - 2008 - 248 pages
A Case Study of International ESL Learners' Perceptions of Technology Use in English Language Learning by Doaa H. Rashed - 2008 - 153 pages
A Case Study of Intervention with an At-risk Preschool Child by Elizabeth Proffitt Johnson - 2008 - 72 pages
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