Grounded Theory in Management Research

SAGE, 2001 M03 8 - 148 páginas

This book describes the grounded theory approach for organization and management researchers needing to fully understand the possibilities and challenges of this method. It brings together the broadly dispersed discussions of grounded theory's logic and practices, restoring the grounded theory style of qualitative research for students and teachers of organization and management.

This book is particularly useful for graduate students involved in quantitative studies of organizational and managerial life, and for academics teaching research methods courses in management and organization studies.

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Situating the discovery of grounded theory
Situating grounded theory within its philosophical sociological and personal contexts
The grounded theory research approach
Grounded theorys research practices
Evolution of grounded theory
The grounded theory approach in management and organization studies
Writing grounded theory
Concluding comments
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Karen Locke is W. Brooks George Professor of Business Administration at the College of William and Mary’s school of business, where she is a member of the management area. She joined the faculty there in 1989 after earning her Ph.D in organizational behavior from Case Western Reserve University. Her work focuses on developing a sociology of knowledge in organizational studies with an emphasis on the production of scientific texts and on the use of qualitative research for the investigation of organizational phenomena. She has published in journals such as Academy of Management Journal, Organization Science, and Studies in Organization, Culture and Society, and has authored Grounded Theory In Management Research. Her current work continues her interest in the processes of qualitative researching and focuses on exploring and explicating their creative and imaginative dimensions. Karen also serves as an associate action editor for Organizational Research Methods and as a member of the editorial board of Academy of Management Journal.

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