Introducing Cultural Studies

University of Georgia Press, 2000 - 467 páginas
Introducing Cultural Studies offers a systematic overview of the concepts, theories, and latest research in the expanding field of cultural studies. Reinforcing the inter-disciplinary nature of the field, the text begins with a presentation of cultural theory and then looks at different dimensions of culture in detail, including such topics as space, time, politics, the body, and visual culture. This volume will provide undergraduate and graduate students in cultural studies, English, geography, sociology, social studies, communication, anthropology, and media studies with a clear and comprehensible introduction to the field.
-- Figures, diagrams, cartoons, and photographs illustrate ideas.
-- Summaries of key influences give information on the life and works of major thinkers, including Raymond Williams, Michel Foucault, Antonio Gramsci, Roland Barthes, Edward Said, Mikhail Bakhtin, bell hooks, Julia Kristeva, and others.
-- "Defining Concepts" sections focus on important ideas and help develop understanding of controversial topics, such as psychoanalysis, structuralism and poststructuralism, feminism, modernity, and postmodernity.
-- Collaboratively authored by a team that represents different disciplines: English, anthropology, geography, and sociology.
-- Direct and accessible style, organized in a clear, logical manner.

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