The Masculinity Studies Reader

Rachel Adams, David Savran
Wiley, 2002 M02 15 - 432 páginas
The Masculinity Studies Reader brings together widely-read and -cited work by key theorists in a new context that is intended simultaneously to establish the contours of and to raise questions about masculinity as a field of academic inquiry.

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What I was looking for was the pecular english instituion among the upper class youth who would routinely establish a close bond, t include physical exparimentation. Then upon adulthood would seemingly revert to an exclusively hetrosexual life within a rather staid men's club lifestyle.
this paper addressed none of that.

Acerca del autor (2002)

Rachel Adams is Assistant Professor of English and Comparative Literature at Columbia University. Her writing includes the book Sideshow U.S.A.: Freaks and the American Imagination (2001) and articles in American Literature, Camera Obscura, GLQ, and Michigan Quarterly.

David Savran is Professor of Theatre at The Graduate Center, City University of New York. He has written two books on masculinity: Taking It Like a Man: White Masculinity, Masochism, and Contemporary American Culture (1998) and Communists, Cowboys, and Queers: The Politics of Masculinity in the Work of Arthur Miller and Tennessee Williams (1992).

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