The Star Trek: The Klingon Dictionary

Simon and Schuster, 1 ene. 1992 - 192 páginas
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The Klingon Dictionary is the first comprehensive sourcebook for Klingon language and syntax, including fundamental rules of grammar as well as words and expressions that illustrate the complex nature of Klingon culture. It features a precise pronunciation guide, rules for proper use of affixes and suffixes, and a small phrasebook with Klingon translations for essential expressions such as "Activate the transport beam," "Always trust your instincts," and the ever-popular "Surrender or die!"

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Review: The Klingon Dictionary

Reseña de usuario  - Goodreads

I don't know if read is a good indicator ir perpetually reading. This book is a great reference for anyone who is a fan of Klingons and wants to learn more about their language and culture. Leer reseña completa

Review: The Klingon Dictionary

Reseña de usuario  - Goodreads

This is not the most academically superior book I've ever read, but it does what it says on the tin. It's a dictionary with basic Klingon words, and a little overview of the grammar and general morphology etc. This is a great book for beginners, even though it was published in 1992. Leer reseña completa

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Sobre el autor (1992)

Marc Okrand

Marc Okrand devised the dialogue and coached the actors speaking the KlingonTM language heard in Star Trek III: The Search for SpockTM, Star Trek V: The Final FrontierTM, and Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered CountryTM. The Klingon language he developed has also been used in a number of episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation® and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine®. In addition, he created the Vulcan dialogue for Star Trek II: The Wrath of KhanTM and Star Trek III.

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