Foucault, Cultural Studies, and Governmentality

Jack Z. Bratich, Jeremy Packer, Cameron McCarthy
SUNY Press, 2003 M03 19 - 377 páginas
Offering new and unique approaches bridging the gap between cultural analysis and governmentality studies in the United States, this book opens up new lines of inquiry into cultural practices and offers fresh perspectives on Foucault’s writings and their implications for cultural studies. It provides critical frameworks to analyze cultural practices and strategies of governing as ways of understanding the present. It also broadens the theater of intellectual debates over “culture and governing” studies from their current locales in Australia and Great Britain to the United States.

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Acerca del autor (2003)

Jack Z. Bratich is Assistant Professor of Communication at the University of New Hampshire.

Jeremy Packer is Assistant Professor of Communications at Penn State at University Park.

Cameron McCarthy is Research Professor of Communications and Professor of Educational Policy Studies at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He is the author of The Uses of Culture: Education and the Limits of Ethnic Affiliation.

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