Dictionary of Quotations (French)

S. Sonnenschein & Company, limited, 1909
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Página 86 - Italia! thou who hast The fatal gift of beauty, which became A funeral dower of present woes and past, On thy sweet brow is sorrow ploughed by shame.
Página 50 - di Lucerta che coda di Dracone.” STEFANO GUAZZO. Dialoghi Piacevoli. Dell' Honore. (Ed. Piacenza, 1587, p. 297.) “It is better to be the head of a lizard than the tail of a dragon.
Página 61 - It is very true that one says to oneself: ‘You will have had a lesson for next time'. But that is not the case; for fortune always comes upon us in new ways, quite unforeseen by our imagination.
Página 108 - Cats of a good breed mouse better when they are fat than starving; and likewise honest men who possess some talent exercise it to far nobler purport when they have the wherewithal to live
Página 43 - PROVERB. Quoted by Bacon, Advancement of Learning, Book II. “There is commonly less money, less wisdom and less good faith than men do account upon.
Página 63 - Observe, by the way, that everything, whatever it be, which is subject to an evil destiny, although one tries to save it from some manifest Ill, falls at once into a far worse
Página 61 - It was far better to eat a thrush in peace than to bring a fat capon to one's table, even though one were quite sure to get it, after a hot
Página 3 - We generally need some one to show us things which should be apparent to the eyes of all.” “Aconito e Cicuta Nascer da salutifera radice Non si vide già mai.
Página 167 - Let the world then take notice, when Fortune has the will to ruin a man, how many divers ways she takes!

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