List of References on International Arbitration

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1908 - 151 páginas
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Página 49 - Gouvernements, s'inspirant des sentiments qui ont trouvé leur expression dans la Déclaration de St-Pétersbourg du 29 novembre /11 décembre 1868, Déclarent : Les Puissances contractantes consentent, pour une durée de cinq ans, à l'interdiction de lancer des projectiles et des explosifs du haut de ballons ou par d'autres modes analogues nouveaux.
Página 49 - Convention pour l'adaptation à la guerre maritime des principes de la Convention de Genève. XI. Convention relative à certaines restrictions à l'exercice du droit de capture dans la guerre maritime. XII. Convention relative à l'établissement d'une Cour internationale des prises. XIII.
Página 16 - Convention for the adaptation to maritime warfare of the principles of the Geneva Convention of August 22, 1864.
Página 49 - Convention relative au régime des navires de commerce ennemis au début des hostilités.
Página 30 - Convention read the first time and referred to the Committee on Foreign Relations, and, together with the message, ordered to be printed in confidence for the use of the Senate MAY 28, 1934.
Página 64 - That this House is of opinion that the growth of expenditure on armaments is excessive and ought to be reduced, such expenditure lessens national and commercial credit, intensifies the unemployed problem, reduces the resources available for social reform, and presses with exceptional severity on the industrial classes...
Página 30 - States to a convention adopted by the Second International Peace Conference held at The Hague from June 15 to October 18, 1907...
Página 64 - Translated by PH LeeWarner. With a Prefatory Letter by Frederic Passy, and an Introduction by Hodgson Pratt. Cr. 8vo, cloth.
Página 103 - To the House of Representatives: In compliance with the resolution of the House of Representatives of the 22d ultimo, in relation to the alleged interference of our minister to Mexico in favor of the French, I transmit a report from the Secretary of State and the papers with which it is accompanied.
Página 12 - Observations on the Applicability of the Pacific Principles of the New Testament to the Conduct of States, and on the Limitations which those Principles impose on the Rights of Self-defence ' (the 7th tract of the Peace Society's series).

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