Democracy: A Reader

Ricardo Blaug, John J. Schwarzmantel
Edinburgh University Press, 2001 - 571 páginas
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A Reader designed to provide students with a broad range of texts on Democracy from Classic Political Philosophy to the present day.

Arranged into four sections - 1. Traditional Affirmations of Democracy; 2. Key Concepts; 3. Critiques of Democracy; 4. Contemporary Issues - this Reader features key statements from a large number of writers including Plato, Aristotle, Machiavelli, Locke, Rousseau, Bentham, Wollstonecraft, Schumpeter, Berlin, Marx, Lenin, Phillips, Rawls, Walzer, Weber, Hayek, Habermas, Scruton, Barry, Giddens, and Mouffe.

Key Topics Include

  • Freedom and Autonomy
  • Equality
  • Representation
  • Majority Rule
  • Citizenship
  • Marxist and Socialist Critiques
  • Conservative, Elitist and Authoritarian Critiques
  • Feminist Critiques
  • Participation
  • Rational Choice
  • Civil Society
  • The Market
  • Nationalism
  • Multiculturalism
  • Non-Western Perspectives
  • Deliberation
  • The Future of Democracy

Written with the needs of the student in mind, a general introduction highlights the historical complexity of the subject and guides readers through the current areas of controversy. A comprehensive bibliography is structured to follow the major divisions of the text.

This is the only Reader easily available that covers the subject of Democracy in such a broad way. Its comprehensive nature and the editorial commentaries will make it an ideal text for students.

Key Features

  • Democracy is a core element of all Politics courses - this is the only Reader available in the area
  • Comprehensive coverage of the core texts on the subject of Democracy makes the Reader likely to become a set text on Democracy courses
  • Broad-ranging - moves from classical political philosophy to the future of democracy
  • Accessible - assumes no prior familiarity with the subject

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Acerca del autor (2001)

Ricardo Blaug is a Reader in Democratic Theory at the University of Westminster.

John Schwarzmantel is Visiting Research Fellow in the School of Politics and International Studies at the University of Leeds. He is author of Ideology and Politics (Sage, 2008) and Citizenship and Identity (Routledge, 2003).

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