In a Queer Country: Gay and Lesbian Studies in the Canadian Context

Terry Goldie
arsenal pulp press, 2001 - 313 páginas

In terms of rights and freedoms for queers, Canada holds an international reputation as among the most liberal of nations. Yet this picture of harmonious gay and lesbian assimilation is nothing if not fractured and fraught with the contradictions of place, privilege, race, and gender. "In a Queer Country" is a groundbreaking collection of fourteen essays on the struggles, pleasures, and contradictions of queer culture and public life in Canada. Versed in queer social history as well as leading-edge gay and lesbian studies, queer theory, and post-colonial studies, "In a Queer Country" confronts queer culture from various perspectives relevant to international audiences. Topics range from the politics of the family and spousal rights to queer black identity, from pride parade fashions to lesbian park rangers. Specific essays include Tom Waugh ("Hard to Imagine," "Lust Unearthed" (Arsenal), "Outlines" (Arsenal)) on Montreal and Toronto's queer cinema of the '60s and '70s; Gary Kinsman's critique of nationalism, both queer and Canadian; Lynn Fernie in an interview on her extraordinary award-winning documentary about lesbians in the 1950s, "Forbidden Love"; Elaine Pigeon on Michel Tremblay's classic play "Hosanna" and its author's attempts to mingle sexual, class and Quebec Nationalist politics; and Gordon Brent Ingram on nude beaches and aspects of gay male public space. Includes numerous photographs and illustrations. Lambda Literary Award Finalist.

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Hosanna Michel Tremblays Queering of National Identity
An Interview with Lynne Fernie
The Perils of Identity as Marginality
The Elephant the Mouse and the Lesbian National Park Rangers
Beach Meets Forest as Location
Challenging Canadian and Queer Nationalisms
Urban Spaces and Sexuality
The Fashions of Torontos Pride Parade
or Queer NationsNational Cinemas
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Terry Goldie is the author of the memoir queersexlife (Arsenal Pulp Press) and the editor of the anthology In a Queer Country: Gay & Lesbian Studies in the Canadian Context (Arsenal Pulp Press). His other books include Pink Snow: Homotextual Possibilities in Canadian Fiction (Broadview 2003), and Fear and Temptation: The Image of the Indigene in Canadian, Australian and New Zealand Literatures (McGill-Queen's, 1989). He is a professor of English at York University in Toronto, where he teaches Canadian and postcolonial literature with particular interest in gay studies and literary theory.

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