The extraterritorial application of national laws

This work endeavours to provide the user with relevant information on sources of foreign law including complete bibliographic citations to legislation, the existence of English translations whenever possible, indications of currentness of the legal materials listed, & finally, selected references to secondary sources in English. It is arranged alphabetically by jurisdictions, with annotated citations to constitutions, major codes, official codifications, sessions laws, court reporters & official gazettes. Each section contains an introduction which describes the particular country's legal system & mentions the major English-language books on the laws of that country. A subject breakdown of over 50 subject headings with bibliographic citation to primary sources & translations enables the user to ascertain what laws are operative in a particular subject area. The work is comprehensive in content & global in its geographic dimensions. Volume 1, published in December 1989, covers the Western Hemisphere. Volume 2, published in December 1990, covers Western & Eastern Europe & the European Communities. Volume 3, published in March 1993 covers Africa, Asia & Australia. Each volume will be updated annually.

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Overview of Industry and Trade Experiences
Analysis of Industry and Trade Experiences
Resolving Extraterritoriality Problems
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