Programming Mobile Objects with Java

Wiley, 1999 M01 25 - 601 páginas
A complete guide to using today's hottest new object technology in your programs

Programming Mobile Objects with Java

Mobile objects let you build incredibly flexible programs that can remake any or all of their features and capabilities on the fly, according to changing end-user demands. Now, in this practical guide to programming mobile objects with Java, expert Jeff Nelson brings you up to speed on mobile object concepts and terminology. Working examples show you how to:
* Build mobile objects with Java using CORBA, RMI, VisiBroker, and Voyager
* Integrate mobile objects with DCOM
* Create mobile components
* Build mobile groupware
* Upgrade software dynamically
* Use state-of-the-art mobile object security techniques
* Implement fault-tolerant, load-balancing distributed systems

In addition, the author provides 13 Java Design Patterns to help with your migration to mobile object technology.

The CD-ROM supplies you with:
* Complete Java code for the 13 mobile object design patterns found in this book
* Voyager, versions 1.0.1 and 2.0.0, from ObjectSpace, Inc.
* Trial Editions of Inprise's VisiBroker for Java, version 3.2 and JBuilder 2
* iBus Java Software Bus, version 0.5 from SoftWired AG, Zurich
* Together/J Whiteboard Edition, version 2.0 from Object International (
* mpEDIT, version 1.13
* Java Development Kit, version 1.1.7 and JavaBeans Development Kit, version 1.0 from Sun Microsystems, Inc.

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JEFF NELSON is a Research Associate with DiaLogos, Incorporated. He is also a trainer with the OMG CORBA Academy, and a regular speaker on CORBA and Java issues at JavaOne, ObjectWorld, and Object Expo.

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