Latin American Classical Composers: A Biographical Dictionary

Although the authors of this condensed biographical dictionary claim to have restricted the entries to 'composers who have written in the classical or cultivated tradition, ' a few composers of salon music are also included. Compiles brief biographical information on 377 composers from Argentina, 3

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Latin American classical composers: a biographical dictionary

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From 32 published and five substantial personal/institutional sources and from some individual "interested parties," the compilers (including Argentina-born Ficher, a research chemist and ... Leer comentario completo

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I am one of the composers listed on this book. I have known about this by accident.
I have never seen such a funny biography of myself. Things like: "I studied piano with Esteban Salas" -a Cuban
composer of the 17th. Century- is the best shown of ignorance of the authors and editors of this book. That is besides mentioning as mine works I never wrote. Research was obviously very badly done here. And to use the term ISC (described as: Information supplied by the composer, a relative, and/or an interested party" is very ambiguous and easy, to advoid any responsabilities on mistakes like that. If all biographies here are like mine this book is made to misinform people. Besides that, all dictionaries must be updated once in a while. It was printed in 1996, when I was actually starting my career as a composer. We are in 2012! So if you want to find information about Latin American classical composers you better go online and find a more recent information before buying a book like this one.  

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MARTHA FURMAN SCHLEIFER is a member of the music history faculty at Temple University and is Senior Editor at the Hildegard Publishing Company.

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