Chemistry: The Central Science

Chemistry: The Central Science, Seventh Edition is designed to provide you with an introduction to the concepts of chemistry. The goals of this text are several: to introduce you to the fundamental science of chemistry, including chemical reactions, the composition of atoms and elements, the structure and bonding of molecules, the characteristics of different chemical substances, and the dynamic ways in which chemists are able to control the properties of matter; to give you a sense of how the world at the atomic and molecular levels relates to that of the macroscopic world in which we live; to provide you with the tools to solve chemical problems and to undertake the critical thinking necessary to make chemistry enjoyable, comprehensible, and useful to you; and to show some of the many ways in which chemistry has an impact on your everyday life. By using this text, you will see the beauty and power of chemistry and the intimate role that chemistry plays in our understanding of other areas of science and of the world around us. In other words, you will learn why chemistry is the central science.

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