Ask Monty: The 170 Most Common Horse Problems Solved

Headline Publishing Group, 2007 - 274 páginas

If you have ever wanted to know how to get a horse into a trailer, how to deal with a bucking horse, how to walk your horse through water or how to handle a two-month old foal, then you need look no further than ASK MONTY. In this book, Monty Roberts, lifelong horse trainer and bestselling author of THE MAN WHO LISTENS TO HORSES, answers 150 questions that have been regularly posed to him by fans and readers over many years. He shares the methods and techniques that he has spent a lifetime perfecting, which will enable you to understand, communicate and work more effectively with your horse. Each chapter is devoted to a key area of horse training, and Monty's methods are easily and practically explained with the help of clear diagrams. ASK MONTY is the essential guide for horse-lovers everywhere.

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When I saw the title "The 150 Most Common Horse Problems Solved", I assumed most of the questions and answers would relate to horse problems.
Before I go any further, I'll say that I've seen Monty
live in action, and there's no doubt at all that he's an incredibly talented man who knows huge amounts about animal behaviour and I respect him for that.
However, be aware that several of the early questions may as well be:
"Q: Monty - I've heard that you're utterly wonderful. Can you tell me a bit more about your sheer brilliance?
A: Well, I'm really not sure how the world coped before I came along..."
Having lived and worked on both sides of the pond, I fully realise that "bigging yourself up" like this is the norm for an American, but I do wonder if the publisher might not have advised some tweakage for the UK market. I've like to have seen the meat at the front, and the gravy at the end for anyone interested.
I've usually no time for this style which you see a lot of from help/self-help books (see my review of Top Performer for an example), but because there is some really good sound advice I'm going to give it 4*.
Buy it - but UK readers beware!

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Monty Roberts was born in 1935 and rode his first horse, Ginger, at the age of two. A child-riding prodigy, he won his first trophy aged four and went to college on a rodeo scholarship. He has worked with horses all his life and his incredible 'join-up' technique - with which he gets an unbroken horse to accept its first saddle, bridle and rider in under 30 minutes - has made him famous the world over.

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