Anton Theophilus Boisen: His Life, Work, Impact, and Theological Legacy

Journal of Pastoral Care Publications, 2009 - 266 páginas
This biography of Dr. Anton Theophilus Boisen provides a particular life illustration of a person suffering from a serious mental disorder may still create significant contributions to fellow human beings. In this case, the biographer shows the many aspects of a pioneer in the establishment of Clinical Pastoral Education as an integral part of the education and training of theological students and clergypersons of all faiths. The volumes contains previously unpublished sources and images related to the life and works of this researcher and author.

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The characterization of this book as the 3rd in a series of JPCP monographs is incorrect. This is a standalone publication of Journal of Pastoral Care Publications Inc.
Also, the sole author is
Robert David Leas. Donald Houts is NOT a co-author.
John C Carr, PhD
Secretary, Board of Managers
Journal of Pastoral Care Publications Inc

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